Web Guard

IdealKeys offers Security, Protection & Maintenance For Your Website

We keep your website safe, secure and up-to-date, backed up and protected from malware.

Web Guard services Includes

  1. 24/7 Monitoring
  2. Website script / plugins maintenance
  3. Scheduled Backup of Files and Folders
  4. Scheduled Backup of mySql Database
  5. Web Security
  6. Malware Protection

What We Will Do For You

We’ll backup, protect, maintain and monitor your website 24/7 all year round, so you can enjoy peace of mind and concentrate on building your business.

90% of all websites are compromised for one simple reason: Failure to upgrade. When new updates become available for your WordPress Core, Theme or Plugins – it is essential to install them –
Most new releases are the result of a known vulnerability or compatibility issues that are patched. WordPress hackers and villains take advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress instances and exploit your hard work.

Backing up your website is essential. If something disastrous were to happen, you don’t want to spend those countless hours recreating everything again from scratch. That’s why we’ll regularly backup your complete website.
It’s a full image of your site; content, theme, plugins, images, database, stored on our secure cloud servers. We even have a second cloud backup as a contingency plan, just in case.

We have partnership with Sucuri – probably the most trusted and reliable security monitoring tool – to ensure that your website is free from Malware, blacklists, injected spam and defacement.
We are alerted immediately if there are any issue with your website. If this does happen, we can have your website cleaned quickly and investigated and set up secure measures to keep it from recurring.