Business Website Development

Very few people know what a website can do for them. A website is your corporate presence on the internet, and as such, it should be tightly integrated with your other marketing activities. The right web design is the key to success. Our main business concern is to design and develop a quality websites for your business and we deliver creative flavors to satisfy even the most discriminating customer requirements.

eCommerce Development

These days people don’t have the time to go for leisurely shopping sprees they prefer to shop at one stop. You don’t have to look far – just look at yourself. What’s your way of shopping? Don’t you save time when you shop online? We think you do! And by doing this you are generating revenue for the online retailers!. For this we’re providing eCommerce web design and development service for all national and International clients.

Domain (.com/.net) & Hosting

Some times wordpress and blogspot portals can be quite frustrating to manage or your hosting providers may decide to go an unannounced holiday. Whatever the circumstances are; your websites should be up and running for this we have three hosting plans from small business to multinational businesses. Our hosting plans are come with free (.com/.net) domain names with an extremely affordable price.

Search Engine Optimization

IdealKeys is the best SEO company in Karachi, carrying out SEO for your business website, which surely gain huge traffic of your users on your website. We know how hard it is to set realistic expectations with our clients when starting a brand new search engine optimization campaign. There are some upfront expectations that are facts of the trade. We can make it happen because we are dedicated SEO professionals.

Graphic Designing

Ideas, creativity and originality are paramount in our graphic design process. Graphics designing for digital or print material is our forte. An experienced and a young group of talent individuals will create themes of your choice or design it for you. We create powerful branding & marketing solutions, either in print or online, enabling you to reach a much wider audience and create opportunities to grow your business.

Social Media Management

Management of social media pages like Facebook, Google+, instagram, twitter & Pinterest is not an easy job, so we will do it for you. We believe that facebook posts should be more than just sloppy posts and monotonous promotion of taglines. We engage & influence over 6 million user on facebook. With a cross-platform approach, we’ll work closely with you to successfully market and grow your brand online.

Commercial Web Maintenance

IdealKeys is providing  a commercial website maintenance, website maintenance is very important to any business, regardless of size. Your website is a worldwide window into your business and it can have a big impact on how the value of your product or service is perceived. A well-maintained website is critical for real-time service industries. All businesses need regular website maintenance to attract and retain customers, maintain search engine rankings and present new information, products and services to the public. Website maintenance is also required to maintain the value of the website over time.

Web Guard


Keep your website safe, secure and up-to-date, backed up and protected from malware. We specialise in protecting and safeguarding websites. We’ll backup, protect, maintain and monitor your website 24/7 all year round, so you can enjoy peace of mind and concentrate on building your business.

When your site goes offline (and it probably will at some stage), it’s probably the worst issue to happen your website, especially your site is handling transaction or critical services. You may not have realized your site is down, then it could’ve been offline for a days if you hadn’t checked. We monitor the up-time of your website 24/7 and know immediately when it becomes inaccessible. We’ll contact you and assist with getting the website up and running again as soon as possible.

90% of all websites are compromised for one simple reason: Failure to upgrade. When new updates become available for your WordPress Core, Theme or Plugins – it is essential to install them – Most new releases are the result of a known vulnerability or compatibility issues that are patched. WordPress hackers and villains take advantage of vulnerabilities in outdated WordPress instances and exploit your hard work.

Backing up your website is essential. If something disastrous were to happen, you don’t want to spend those countless hours recreating everything again from scratch. That’s why we’ll regularly backup your complete website. It’s a full image of your site; content, theme, plugins, images, database, stored on our secure cloud servers. We even have a second cloud backup as a contingency plan, just in case.

We have partnership with Sucuri – probably the most trusted and reliable security monitoring tool – to ensure that your website is free from Malware, blacklists, injected spam and defacement. We are alerted immediately if there are any issue with your website. If this does happen, we can have your website cleaned quickly and investigated and set up secure measures to keep it from recurring.