Calligraphy Khurshid Gohar

calligraphykhurshidgoharKhursheed Alam known as Gohar Qalam was born in the Khushab district, Pakistan, 1956. khurshid gohar is famous calligraphist,he is awarded president pride of performance,also he awarded highest aworded foriegn manister of japan 2005,he is other of 14 s books of calligraphy,many popular calligraphers are goher s students,his acadmi ,gohar calligraphy acadmi, is in lahore,his beautifull calligraphy on many historicle buldings in pakistasn,gohar s calligraphy is in british museum londen and atiomolian museum in oxford, from pakistan gohar s calligraphy gave the other head of stats as a gift,

  • published April 20, 2014
  • Categories Web Design
  • CountryCanada
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